Starr’s Famous Shakes: A Review

starrs famous shakes

Starr’s Famous Shakes is a classic restaurant that offer a variety of snacks and milkshakes, and not to mention their specialty which consists of drinks made from crushed baked cupcakes. Here are some samples:

starrs famous shakes

“Flintstones Milkshake” (Php 95.00) which is included in their VIP milkshakes.

starrs famous shakes

The one on the left is a “Latte” (Php 105.00) topped with shaved white chocolate. And the other one on the right is the “Toasted Almond and Butterscotch” (Php 105.00) which is one of their best-sellers, it is made from baked butterscotch mixed with slivered toasted almonds.

They also offer snacks like corndogs, burgers and fries, with prices ranging from Php 60.00 – Php 120.00. Here is a sample of one of their snacks:

starrs famous shakes

Crosstrax fries (Php 50.00), a criss cross cut fries perfectly matched with a sour cream dip.

Starr’s Famous Shakes restaurant is a great place for chilling and relaxation. It would be a great and fun experience to drop by and try their sophisticated shakes and snacks, with good music and a nice set of people serving you.

Starr’s Famous Shakes menu:

starrs famous shakes
starrs famous shakes

Starr’s Famous Shakes
V. Concepcion Corner Laon Laan Street, Sampaloc, Manila (Map)
Facebook: Starr’s Famous Shakes – FB Page

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